How to Promote Life Insurance

Life Insurance can sometimes be hard to sell to people either because they don’t understand why they should want it or even need it. The first step is to know who you are talking to and to explain why life insurance is important.


Life Insurance can easily be promoted if you know your audience. People who are younger and have few conditions are less likely to accept life insurance. If you spend your time promoting this to them you are less likely to get them to accept, with the exception of those who don’t understand life insurance. Your audience should focus on ages 50+ with children and spouses, as they are more likely to be concerned about their loved ones after they pass away.


Focus on the point of what happens to their spouses and children. Emphasize that it would be important to make sure they are taken care of after their passing. This is the #1 concern of the customer and the reason they sign up for life insurance in the first place. The more people they would be leaving behind with their death the more likely they are to want life insurance.

Funeral Expenses

Another good point is funeral expenses. This can be of concern to them as it’s already difficult to plan a funeral for a loved one, it’s even more difficult to come up with the money for the costs of it. If that is something that their life insurance covers it would be a wise idea to promote this option as it can be very appealing to customers.


If you cover these 3 bases of audience, family, and funeral expenses, you will be more successful in promoting life insurance.


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