Financial Advisor Marketing and Sales Education

The Challenge

Struggling with meeting production goals is one thing, furthermore to make matters even worse, it’s difficult to fix when you’re unable to pinpoint why. A successful firm is not only a growing firm but it’s also typically motivated by a well-informed leader. As a result, the challenging topics that we address in our educational webinar series is to help you avoid feeling the stress, not to mention easily navigate sales and marketing challenges. Given these points, those invested in the increased success of your business are likely to face the challenges that we will cover.

The Solution

When you fully understand your partnership with CSI Financial Group, you can better leverage it! By registering for the Virtual ‘Open House’ you will meet the talent at CSI Financial Group. You’ll understand how CSI Financial Group energizes our partner’s practices, and equally importantly, provide you with guidance for optimizing production. We’ll also give you an introduction to Meaningful IUL Sales, and show you how to make the most of Stonewood Financial Tools.

Scheduled Webinars


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Our Partnership Is Built To Boost Your Production By 50%!

Understand our Partnership Inside and Out

The Financial Advisor marketing and sales webinar series are created to guide you on how to best utilize our partnership, as well as teach equally important tips to better rely on our support. In addition to that, we will also cover may product updates and refresher courses.


Extensive Product Trainings

For you to best serve your clients, understanding the financial products is vital. Our webinars are meant to keep you informed of various financial products. Generally speaking, CSI Financial Group will cover new product updates, but there will also be refreshers available too.