Managing client expectation is essential for almost any financial firm to be successful.

Here are a few general tips to apply upon the first contact with a new client. Effectively managing the expectations of your client begins with understanding precisely what the client wants from you in terms of service. Your initial presentation upon meeting with your client will establish their first impression and define what they will expect to get from the company.

Understanding the client’s wants and needs begins with asking the right questions and listening to how the client not only answers your questions but in which way they respond. Responding back in a manner that assures the client that you’ve heard and understand what they have said, establishes the type of two-way dialogue needed to confirm that both you and your client’s objectives are perfectly aligned. Once you understand what it is that the client expects from you, determine what is within reason and establish clear and honest parameters up front.

The last mistake you want to make with a client is committing to providing something that is beyond possible.

Avoid offering your client the Taj Mahal, yet only delivering a close replica. Clients will expect you to deliver exactly what you said you would provide and anything less will be unacceptable. With terms and expectations defined, continually reinforce the relationship with the client through consistent communication and updates on your progress.

All in all, you want the result to be a happy client because happy clients provide future referrals.


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