eStatePlan™ Puts Control of Your Estate Plan in YOUR Hands

Gone are the days when creating an Estate Plan was a complicated matter requiring multiple meetings with high-priced lawyers. Thanks to modern technology, you can now be in control of your financial legacy by creating, executing and managing your own Estate Plan online in your secure, custom eStatePlan™ client console.

This state-of-the-art online solution features an easy-to-navigate, step-by-step interface that allows you to place all your own assets into your trust. It also serves as an electronic vault that lets you house all your estate documents, health-care directives, logins/passwords for all your online accounts—even your social media login information—and any other sensitive information you want your executor to find quickly and easily after your passing.

Why add additional stress to your loved ones when they are grieving your loss? Instead of making them hunt here and there for the documents you know they need to execute your wishes and fulfill your legacy wishes, package it all in a secure client portal that gives you peace of mind now…and gives your loved ones peace of mind later.

Take control of your estate using eStatePlan™…the most convenient, cost-effective way to ensure that your legacy is executed exactly the way you want it to be.


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The Easy Way to Establish Your Own Estate Plan

There is a revolution occurring in financial services. A revolution that puts the power to plan your financial future exactly where it belongs…with you. Take control of your future by letting technology—and the consumer-focused commitment of the people who created it—connect you with the modern way to plan your estate.

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